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SACT Seminar: Justified Representation in Approval- Based Committee Voting

Time: 1:00 pm Tuesday, 28th February 2017. Location: SIT 459 Speaker: Haris Aziz, Data61/CSIRO and UNSW Title: Justified Representation in Approval- Based Committee Voting Abstract: We consider approval-based committee voting, i.e. the setting where each voter approves a subset of candidates, and these votes are then used to select a fixed-size set of winners (committee). … Continue reading


  • Together with UNSW's algorithms group the SACT group will organise a pre-ISAAC algorithms workshop. ¬†The focus of the workshop¬†will be Fixed Parameter Computational Geometry. (more…)

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The Sydney Algorithms and Computing Theory group nucleates researchers from the University of Sydney interested in foundational aspects of computer science. Our research interests include algorithmic game theory, combinatorial optimization, computational complexity, computational geometry, graph drawing, and machine learning. The unifying theme running through our research is the inquiry into the nature of efficient computation.

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