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SACT Seminar

Time: 1:00 pm Thursday, 6th of April 2017. Location: SIT 459 Speaker: Patrick Eades Title: Stochastic k-center and j-flats Abstract:  Patrick will present the paper “Stochastic k-center and j-flats” by Lingxiao Huang and Jian Li. “Solving geometric optimization problems over uncertain data have become increasingly important in many applications and have attracted a lot of attentions in recent years. In … Continue reading

Sydney Algorithms Workshop 2016

Together with UNSW’s algorithms group the SACT group will organise a pre-ISAAC algorithms workshop.  The focus of the workshop will be Fixed Parameter Computational Geometry.

Friday algorithms seminar

Title: Cascading behaviour in networks  (http://www.cs.cornell.edu/home/kleinber/agtbook-ch24.pdf) Speaker: Joachim

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