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SACT Seminar: A discrete and bounded envy-free cake cutting protocol

Time: 1:00pm Tuesday, 13th October.

Location: SIT 459

Speaker: Haris Aziz, UNSW

Title: A discrete and bounded envy-free cake cutting protocolAbstract:

We consider the well-studied cake cutting problem in which the goal is to identify a fair allocation based on a minimal number of queries from the agents. The problem has attracted considerable attention within various branches of computer science, mathematics, and economics. Although, the elegant Selfridge-Conway envy-free protocol for three agents has been known since 1960, it has been a major open problem for the last fifty years to obtain a bounded envy-free protocol for more than three agents. We propose a discrete and bounded envy-free protocol for four agents.

(Joint work with Simon Mackenzie)



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