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SACT Seminar: Some insights on single machine scheduling with convex cost

Time: 1:00pm Tuesday 29 October

Location: SIT 459

Speaker: Wiebke Höhn, TU Berlin

Title: Some insights on single machine scheduling with convex cost


We consider a single machine scheduling problem with generalized
min-sum objective. Given some convex cost function, we aim at
computing a schedule minimizing the total weighted completion time
cost. This problem is closely related to scheduling a single machine
with nonuniform processing speed. We give a tight analysis of the
approximation guarantee of the algorithm Highest-Density-First. More
specifically, for the class of convex cost functions we reduce the
task of determining a worst case problem instance to a continuous
optimization problem, which can be solved by standard algebraic or
numerical methods. For monomial cost functions x^k, we show that the
tight approximation factor is asymptotically equal to k^((k-1)/(k+1)).
Moreover, for quadratic cost, we show certain order relations on the
jobs in optimal schedules which allow to drastically reduce the search
space of exact algorithms.




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