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SACT Talk: Shrinking the Search Space of Clustered Planarity

Time: 11am Friday, 27th July, 2012
Location: SIT 124 Boardroom
Speaker: Karsten Klein, University of Sydney

A clustered graph is a graph augmented with a hierarchical
inclusion structure over its vertices, and arises very naturally in
multiple application areas. While it is long known that
planarity—i.e., drawability without edge crossings—of graphs can be
tested in polynomial (linear) time, the complexity for the clustered
case is still unknown.

We present a new graph theoretic reduction which allows us to
considerably shrink the combinatorial search space, which is of benefit
for all enumeration-type algorithms. Based thereon, we give new classes
of polynomially testable graphs and a practically efficient
exact planarity test for general clustered graphs based on an integer
linear program.



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