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SACT Talk: Some Solutions to the Distributed Slicing Problem

Time: 11am Friday, 8th June, 2012
Location: SIT 124 Boardroom
Speaker: Vincent Gramoli, University of Sydney

Peer-to-peer (P2P) architectures are popular for tasks such as collaborative download, VoIP telephony, and backup. To maximize performance in the face of widely variable storage capacities and bandwidths, such systems typically need to shift work from poor nodes to richer ones. Similar requirements are seen in today’s large data centers, where machines may have widely variable configurations, loads and performance. In this paper, we consider the slicing problem, which involves partitioning the participating nodes into k subsets using a one-dimensional attribute, and updating the partition as the set of nodes and their associated attributes change.
I will present three different approaches to solve this problem. The accuracy of the first approach may be altered due to the variations of the attribute distribution; the second approach may not determine the correct slice of borderline nodes; the third approach copes with the aforementioned limitations by adapting rapidly to the current distribution and converging to an acceptable stable solution.



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