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Monotone drawings of graphs — Patrizio Angelini

Where: School of IT Building, Lecture Theatre (Room 123) on Level 1
When: 3-4 pm tomorrow

Motivated by human subject experiments showing that the “geodesic
tendency” (paths following a given direction) is important in
comprehending the underlying graph, monotone drawings of graphs have
been recently introduced as a new visualization paradigm.
In a monotone drawing of a graph every pair of vertices is connected
by a path P that is monotone in some direction d, that is, the
orthogonal projections of the vertices of P on d appear along d in the
order induced by P.
In this talk, I will review the state of the art concerning monotone
drawings in the fixed and in the variable embedding settings. Further,
I will present some new results on the realizability of monotone
drawings with few directions, that is, drawings such that the set of
directions in which paths connecting pairs of vertices are monotone
has limited size.



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