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SACT seminar

Hello all,

This Friday we are lucky enough to have Bernhard Scholtz talking about Stream Programming and the Synchronous Data Flow Semantics. The title of the paper is ‘The Semantics of Dataflow with Firing’ by Edward A. Lee and Eleftherios Matsikoudis. It is available from chess.eecs.berkeley.edu/pubs/428/DataflowWithFiring.pdf. Below is the abstract.

Also note we are back to our usual home at the SIT Boardroom (124), at 11am.


Dataflow models of computation have intrigued computer scientists
since the 1970s. They were first introduced by Jack Dennis as a basis for
parallel programming languages and architectures, and by Gilles Kahn
as a model of concurrency. Interest in these models of computation has
been recently rekindled by the resurrection of parallel computing, due
to the emergence of multicore architectures. However, Dennis and Kahn
approached dataflow very differently. Dennis’ approach was based on an
operational notion of atomic firings driven by certain firing rules. Kahn’s
approach was based on a denotational notion of processes as continuous
functions on infinite streams. This paper bridges the gap between these
two points of view, showing that sequences of firings define a continuous
Kahn process as the least fixed point of an appropriately constructed
functional. The Dennis firing rules are sets of finite prefixes satisfying
certain conditions that ensure determinacy. These conditions result in
firing rules that are strictly more general than the blocking reads of the
Kahn-MacQueen implementation of Kahn process networks, and solve
some compositionality problems in the dataflow model.




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